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How to draw orange – step by step
How to draw orange, step by step

It may be difficult to draw realistic oranges. You may have to try to do so several times. If you want to draw orange as an exact, like the one who is on my drawing, you must be patient and diligent. A simple form of an orange or apple is a circle, so within a few minutes you can draw beautiful fruits using a step-by-step method, even if it doesn’t have a drawing talent.
You will see how easy it is at the end of our lesson. Learn how to draw orange with this step-by-step manual.

Step 1

How to draw orange, step 1

First mark short lines to draw a simple round form of orange. If it is a bit uneven and asymmetrically, it is normal. Add a small circle in the center of fruits.

Step 2

How to draw orange, step 2

Now keep drawing a circle of orange. Don’t do it too perfect. Draw short lines right in the middle of oval to divide it into seven parts. This step of applying an orange is easy.

Step 3

How to draw orange, step 3

At the moment you need to divide the fruits for seven parts, how much on my drawing. Draw curved lines leaving the middle of an orange and sketch. The base of orange is ready.

Step 4

How to draw orange, step 4

Add a few parts and erase the initial contours. Now your drawing looks like a real orange.

Step 5

How to draw orange, step 5

Work on true functions that will give pieces of orange real appearance. This orange applying step is very easy.

Step 6

How to draw orange, step 6

Now you have a real drawing of the orange. The last step gives him a little volume, which is achieved by shading. You can work on shading in your drawing with a pencil.

Step 7

How to draw orange, step 7

It’s not worth the color, but the drawing of the orange will be better when he draws it with pencils. You can almost see how your drawing will come to life!

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