How to draw a stork – step by step

How to draw a stork – step by step

How to draw a stork, step by step

There is a superstition in which the rack is located – this is where people will find happiness. Do you believe it, believe it, grace and beauty of Aist is obliged to impress anyone. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to draw a stork in real life for the city, so if you want to draw a stork sitting in the nest, look for a suitable picture on the Internet. Before trying to draw a stork that stands or sits down in his nest, let the first attempt to draw a flying stork, step by step in a pencil.

You will learn how to draw a stork.

Step 1

How to draw stork, step 1

Try to expand the bird & # 39; so much that she takes the whole sheet of paper. I thought it could be good to start first draw an elongated oval for a stork and # 39;. Contact a little right and draw a small oval for stock and head # 39;. Connect your head to the housing, and now draw only the inclined line for the legs.

Step 2

How to draw stork, step 2

Now that you got the main outlines applied to the stork, should be easily when you add more and more detailed information, as if there are pieces of Lego. Make a rude sketch of a bird and a long beak # 39. Then draw the tail, and then screw the initial contours of the wings.

Step 3

How to draw stork, step 3

To make it easier to easily, first draw the second string of the right wing, and then on the left. After that you need to draw another foot string, with a small curve up the edge. After erasing additional contour lines in the picture, work on the beak. Let’s revise the contours of the stork & # 39; beak and neck at this point. Sharpen the beak and connect it to the head of the curved line, then the shadow in the body of the bird and # 39;. In order to do this, slightly bend the bottom line of the neck.

Step 4

How to draw stork, step 4

This step of applying a stork is simple, but still requires some focus. After applying Aista & # 39 legs, draw his eyeball and separate the head from the rest of the body a clear line. Now start drawing the most complex element of the picture: wings. Draw smaller feathers first, and then draw big feathers, a few pieces on each wing.

Step 5

How to draw stork, step 5

Erase the extra contour lines from the wings of your stork and start drawing the wings in more detail, emphasizing big feathers. As you can see, the stork needs an additional touch. Split the beak into two parts, and then highlight the bird & # 39;.

Step 6

How to draw stork, step 6

Stork & # 39 – plumage of bright colors, so it will be enough to use # 2 pencil so that your drawing looks realistic. However, if you want to be creative, you can use color pencils and even paints. Be sure to add some kind of landscape below the flying stork.

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