How to draw shark – step by step

How to draw shark – step by step

You will learn how to draw shark step by step.

How to draw shark step by step

Shark – the most dangerous marine animal. It is not surprising that he has such a frightening predatory view. Shark has a big sad mouth with a lot of many sharp teeth. We need to first draw this part when applying sharks. Also add fins on your back. In addition, shark functions & # 39; S do not differ from any other big fish. Let’s start drawing a shark to a pencil, sketching the main plan, and then gradually adding details. To give your drawing a more realistic effect, you may want to draw a underwater landscape around your shark.

Step 1

How to draw shark, step 1

At the very beginning, draw a barely noticeable horizontal line with a pencil to accurately draw shark contour & # 39;. You can even use a ruler at this stage. Visually divided these horizontal lines into three parts, lower four points, and connect them together.
Also the bridge is the topmost points of the line.

Step 2

How to draw shark, step 2

It will be easier to draw shark or dolphin if you make another estimated labeling. You need to give initial straight lines. Do it, having in mind the contours on my drawing. Erase all unnecessary lines of pencils that helped you plan before and start following steps.

Step 3

How to draw shark, step 3

Start painting rear fin, and then the bottom fin. Acrust & # 39; S Corps may seem a bit complicated, but if you pay attention, you will see that there is # 39;.

Step 4

How to draw shark, step 4

Shark drawing almost finished. Now erase the rough contours of sharks and the bottom, as well as any additional pencil lines in front. Draw your eyes to draw sharks & # 39;. It becomes easier to draw the mouth contour as soon as the eyeball in place.

Step 5

How to draw shark, step 5

At the moment don and # 39; does not complicate yourself complicating the drawing. You just need to draw lower teeth and a line that divides the back and abdomen. This line should not be perfectly straight, so do not hesitate to draw it randomly, not strongly pressing a pencil.

Step 6

How to draw shark, step 6

It is not worth the color in the shark drawing. Nevertheless, it would be appropriate to reject in your shark & # 39; Leather in # 2 pencil. You can add some color in the background and draw a flock of fish near that your drawing seemed more realistic.

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