How to draw alligator

How to draw alligator

How to draw an alligator

In this lesson, let and # 39 cooperate in the drawing of the Alligator – the oldest and most dangerous animal on the planet. Drawing an alligator is actually quite easy – those huge predatory jaws with sharp teeth are a quick distribution of what animal you draw. However, it is better to follow certain steps to portray the crocodile more realistically, and not a cartoon. Crocodile is a wild animal that is very dangerous, and in order to convey its character in the figure, we must first draw your long face with open jaws, and the legs are widespread and long horny tail. We will do it look like a crocodile is going to jump from the picture to attack your prey!

Step 1

How to draw an alligator, step 1

Start your drawing, sketching the torso and head. First draw the inclined line. Four circles draw on this line. They will serve torso and crocodile and head # 39;.

Step 2

How to draw an alligator, step 2

Go to the queue with a more fortified hand to complete the form of the crocodile and head # 39;. Add Two Little Circles for Foot.

Step 3

How to draw an alligator, step 3

Now after you describe the inside of its head and erase the extra lines from the crocodile & # 39; S Torso, the crocodile painting is immediately reborn. At this stage of the pattern, you must also pounce your feet and add two ovals for the tail of the crocodile.

Step 4

How to draw an alligator, step 4

At the moment you can check all the proportions of the body of the crocodile and # 39; To correct any inaccuracies on your drawing. Now you just need to finish drawing the entire length of the tail. It is easy to do: just draw a parallel line to the main intersection of two tapering lines. We must also draw claws on the legs and add a few parts to the head.

Step 5

How to draw an alligator, step 5

Well, your drawing of your alligator is almost completed. You just need to erase the extra lines from the crocodile & # 39; S Torso and add a few details around the crocodile eye. As you can see, the crocodile looks right on us, and therefore the eye plan should not be too long. The student must be placed in the center. Try to copy it exactly as shown on my drawing.

Step 6

How to draw an alligator, step 6

At this stage, you just need to give it some color and may draw a suitable landscape. The drawing of an exotic creature looks much more impressive when it is done in color. Crocodile is usually depicted as a green color, but you can use # 2 pencil to shake it in. Just keep in mind that in nature crocodile & # 39; S skin is not a bright green tint that you see in cartoons. Your ridge will look more realistic if you post it on the river near the river near shrubs. Crocodiles live in such places.

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