How to draw angel – step by step

How to draw angel – step by step
How to draw an angel step by step

What angels look like? Angel girl or angel child? This is really a good question with quite a few answers! It all depends on what you mean by an angel! Angel usually possesses a pair of large feathered wings extending from their back, allowing him to fly. Determine your goal for drawing. Learn how to draw an angel girl with wings, pencil, step-by-step.

Step 1

How to draw angel, step 1

Draw an angel form. The first step is to make a sketch on paper – draw an angel figure circuit. Try to imitate the contours of the angel from my drawing on your photo. We are going to draw an angel in a slightly inclined position hanging in the air. Add a row for your back, corresponding lines for hands and legs and a pair of lines for wings. Right leg, we need a small bending in the knee.

Step 2

How to draw angel, step 2

Sketch of angel body shape. To do this, use our previous circle circle on both sides. In addition, we need to flex a bit of some lines, which will show the angel muscles. It should be done on hands and legs. In addition, add the string below to show an angel dress.

Step 3

How to draw angel, step 3

Now we will clarify the contours that appeal for the angel. We appeal primarily on your feet and arms and try to give them a finished look. Then draw the initial contour of the hair, making the line slightly wavy. Also extend the lower part of the dress aside, which will create the effect of wind or movement. Next, draw the female features of the face of angel.

Step 4

How to draw angel, step 4

Long hair and angel wings. At this stage we give hair a full look and continue directly to the wings of our angel. Go to hair contours drawing earlier and add some more similar wavy lines. Estimate the degree of wings. Draw a frying pan on the bottom of each wing to achieve a feathel view.

Step 5

How to draw angel, step 5

Feathers on wings. Feathers will overlap over the other in the sequence of two rows. It will be enough for big wings of angel. Make the ends of each pen circular or oval. Correctly transmit proportions, put in more detail in the lower row of feathers, and not the top.

Step 6

How to draw angel, step 6

The latest angel drawing step. Now darke your image in some places to portray more form and volume. First, we darkened the back of the wings. After that, use a pencil to sketch the shadow on the angel dress, which gives the volume digit. Add small touch in the picture of your angel, wherever you seen, turning to my original image.

Step 7

How to draw angel, step 7

Then you can add a light blue background and paint the drawing to give it a air and more saints.

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