How to draw a ballerina – step by step

How to draw a ballerina – step by step

How to draw ballerina

The textbook on how to draw a ballerina is designed for children with some experience in the figure, as the human body drawing is not easy. It is difficult to transmit all grace and catch the ballerina on paper. However, if you think you’re all right, go for it. If you follow step by step methods using a pencil, you can quite get right.

Step 1

How to draw ballerina, step 1

Here the point is to maintain proportions and stay in the source circuits, so the drawing comes out with accurate and excellent. The first thing to draw is Tutu – a significant element of any ballerina & # 39;. It must be poured as an inclined ellipse with the left corner. Then draw two lines for the ballerina & # 39 legs, two hands and circle for head. Now the base pattern is over, which will allow you to easily draw.

Step 2

How to draw ballerina, step 2

Next, add more definition to the basic circuit to make the ballerina & # 39;. Mark the lines for your shoulders, as well as in the line of her waist, and draw the rude shape of her legs. Ballerina is usually slim and muscular, so try to make her shape, seem delicate and improve. It should not be too formed or plump.

Step 3

How to draw ballerina, step 3

Finish postponing legs and completely hands. She stands on the legs in a dance position, so it is easy to draw legs, especially when she carries their shoes Pointe. Don and # 39; Do not force your feet look too thick, not to spoil the image.

Step 4

How to draw ballerina, step 4

As the last step, all additional contour lines are erased and operate on the hands of the ballerina & # 39;. She is already dancing. Add a few more pencils on her shape and outline girls & # 39;.

Step 5

How to draw ballerina, step 5

Fastening the ballerina & # 39; S Statire is quite easy to draw compared to face functions. If you draw your ballerina, occupying a whole sheet of paper, you must draw her face in detail, close to natural. If your ballerina is quite small, you can ignore parts and just focus on the definition of her mouth, nose and eyebrows. Ballerina’s hair is always very neat – mostly in a high or low bun. So draw a small outline around her head like a bun, and it is # 39;. Now your ballerina looks realistic, and you only need to trim your dress and shadow in your drawing.

Step 6

How to draw ballerina, step 6

Ballerina & # 39; S tutu is usually transparent, so make sure you make it a transparent or pink tint. Draw parts belt. Rate your drawing to remember to add important details such as Pointe-lacing. Keep in mind that drawings from real life look more realistic. Since the ballet dancer performs on stage, draw the background, respectively. Be careful not to overload your drawing with additional elements; attention should not be distracted from the main picture of the picture.

Step 7

How to draw ballerina, step 7

Your drawing of a dancing ballerina is now completed!

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