How to draw a banana pencil

How to draw a banana pencil

How to draw banana

So that the banana looked close to reality, we must try to recreate all its features on paper. To draw this close to the reality of the fruit, we used a graphic tablet. It is useful for you a snow-white sheet of paper and color pencils to color the sketch! Step 1
Step 1 Draw a banana

At first, we need to draw the original shape of this fruit. To do this, draw a horizontal line and draw 5 circles (not certainly flawless form). Bananas have a conventional design and draw their forms usually not at all difficult. But this is the most common method to draw his symmetric form in the form of a regular arc. Step 2
Step 2 Draw a banana

This banana drawing step is very simple. Use circles to bring the placement of the original Banana contour. Step 3
Step 3 Draw a banana

Now you need to remove an additional contour from your drawing. Now we have practically graduated with steps to draw banana. Step 4
Step 4 Draw a banana

Darker Banana body in some places, so that this fruit looked more close to reality. Step 5
Step 5 Draw a banana

Best Method Draw Banana — It is to look at the alive fruits and at first draw a pencil. Step 6
Step 6 Draw a banana

In a sense, our sketch of the banana was completed on the last step, following the step-by-step technique, it simplifies the task. In the last step, you only need to paint the banana. You can use color pencils or colored markers. Now you can look at the video about drawing bananas. You will see the process of drawing this fruit.

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