How to draw a squirrel – step by step

How to draw a squirrel – step by step

How to draw a squirrel step by step

Protein is a beautiful animal, and most children have fun draw it. You can draw a protein, turning to a photo or simply observing protein in the park. It would be better to step by step in the squirrel stage using the following drawing lesson. Protein is a graceful animal, and it can be difficult to convey this line in the picture without any experience. Of course, if you draw a fluffy tail and distinctive ears with beams, it is most likely it will be clear that it is a squirrel. However, if you want to draw a splash of proteins, use # 2 pencil to draw a squirrel while holding a cone in the paws sitting on a tree branch, and then color on your picture with colored pencils.

Step 1

How to draw protein, step 1

The first step of the squirrel pattern is pretty light. You must draw an oval body and round head. Pay special attention here to make sure that the body oval is twice as long as the head and leans. The more accuracy you use in your initial outline, the more accurate work will appear.

Step 2

How to draw protein, step 2

At this stage, you must draw your protein and # 39;. Marking their location with small circles will help you maintain a general proportion and estimate the thickness of the paw. While sets are relatively small, the rear paws are long as a cat or rabbit. You correctly posted this part? If yes, give and # 39; Continue to draw protein.

Step 3

How to draw a squirrel, step 3

The next step may seem complex first due to the number of participating details. However, if you look carefully, you will understand that it is not too difficult to sketch squirrel, and his tail, ears and his cute muzzle. As soon as you add a circle of the eye, your squirrel looks alive.

Step 4

How to draw protein, step 4

Now erase extra lines, making sure you do not lose important in the process. You noticed how quickly and easily draw a squirrel? Your drawing is almost ready – just add a few more details for animals and eyes, nose and add claws to its paws.

Step 5

How to draw a squirrel, step 5

At this stage you must make your squirrel & # 39; Fur seem fluffy. To do this, apply thin and long beats, as shown in my example. You can use the same technique for fur in protein & # 39; S-housing, except for your blows, should be shorter. So your drawing is ready. Now you can paint it with pencils or paints.

Step 6

How to draw protein, step 6

Squirrel & # 39 fur can be a variant of red or gray. It helps to consult a real photo to convey coloring more accurately. You can shake in your drawing proteins using pencils like in my example. If you decide to draw your drawing with watercolors, it would be better if you had some previous experience using them. Also, do not forget to draw a cone in your protein & # 39; on Forepaws and tree branches under their feet. You can also add a landscape (not too bright, because your squirrel should be a focus of your drawing.Undoubtedly

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