How to draw beavers – step by step

How to draw beavers – step by step
How to draw Bobru, step by step

Where would you start to draw beaver? If you start, it is better to draw beavers on stages. First, make a common outline, and then gradually add more and more information. Drawing a beaver should not be too difficult if you start with the use of pencil light blows. Let’s find out how to draw beaper step by step.

Step 1

Your drawing should go smoothly if you start, drawing eight squares and, than adding several circles and ovals, as shown in my picture.

Step 2

How to draw beavers, step 2

At the moment you should see how these forms will be gradually transformed into body body contour.

Step 3

How to draw beavers, step 3

Easy to draw a few rows for legs and heads. Add two rows for the tail.

Step 4

How to draw beavers, step 4

Now is the time to sort additional contour lines. Your drawing beauty is almost completed!

Step 5

How to draw beavers, step 5

Make changes to your drawing now, if necessary.

Step 6

How to draw beavers, step 6

As the last step, you just need to paint in Bobre. Use short pencil light shocks or color pencils.

Step 7

How to draw beavers, step 7

Look, as if the beauty came to life!

Cheerful Beaver Facts for Children

Cheerful Beaver Facts for Children
Learn a few amazing facts about bobs.
Beavers can be found in the forests of North America, Europe and Asia. These large rodents live near water, where they have a lot of food rivers, in ponds and lakes.
These rodents live in colonies from 2 to 12 beavers.
Beavers are herbivist, so their diet consists of leaves, bark, twigs, roots and aquatic plants.
Bobras have very short legs and a long flat tail, so they do not go well to the ground, but elegant and hygiene in water.
Greechy trees, Beavers build landfills and house houses. They build landfills that block the streams of the river. Household house built in deep waters, so the entrance will not freeze in the winter.
Bobrov’s family together with young sets live in such a dwelling.
Bobras Great swimmers. They float at speeds up to ten kilometers per hour. Their web foot on the hind legs and a flat tail helps them quickly and easily move in water.
Bobras are good divers and can remain under water for 15 minutes. Their skin naturally oily and supports them like a dry suit of the underwater diver. Their transparent eyelids functioning very similar to the glasses of divers.
Beaver weighs about 60 pounds and about 3 feet long. His flat tail may be more than on foot.
Beavers do not win, because two months in winter (January and February) – the mating season for these animals.

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