How to draw a person in full – step by step

How to draw a person in full – step by step

How to draw people step by step

On this page, we learn how to draw a person in full height. It is difficult to draw from nature so that you can wanted to start, drawing only these portrait artists. Our lessons are designed mainly for young children, so human eyes and other details of the face are drawn schematically. Learn how to draw a portrait of a man in # 2 during this private lesson. First of all, let’s go to several tips on drawing techniques. Some people have a habit of drawing dotted lines, and then surround them. Try learning how to draw strings in one movement; Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Step 1

How to draw people, step 1

Scheme of human figure. We need to find out a few basic steps to build a human body. Please note that the height of the person is about 7 units of the head.

Step 2

How to draw people, step 2

A person consists of a head with a neck, shoulders with a clavicle, breast, belly, legs and hands. Let be & # 39 Put all these parts on the drawing, one by one. First draw oval for the head, and then another oval for the shoulders and joints. Next, draw two ovals, located apart. Then draw the thigh. The next step is to draw hands and legs, as shown.

Step 3

How to draw people, step 3

Now we need to clarify our initial pencil strikes. Initial circles and ovals will be useful for you in the compilation of a general form of a person.

Step 4

How to draw people, step 4

Remove old contours and start drawing a person in detail in the next step.

Step 5

How to draw people, step 4

Learn how to draw people. The final stage. Draw clothes, head and hands. How to draw a human head with a face can be found in another lesson on this site. You can use pleated clothes for clothing. During drawing, you must be able to submit a final image in your mind. In the visual art, the most important thing is not accuracy of proportions or drawing lines, and the main image in general. Some of the most important features to emphasize with the application of a person are his or her mood, character and expression in the eyes.

How to draw a human face. Male face drawing step by step.

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