How to draw a house pencil

How to draw a house with a pencil phased to kids

how to draw a house

House — This is an architectural structure, so we must initially obfine the project of the house before adding any aesthetic details. The implementation of the line is non-coroned in this process to maintain symmetry in all qualities of the house: walls, columns, windows, and t.D.. The house can be designed and built by different methods. For example, the roof can be made of clay tiles and have a brick tube, running out of the fireplace of Cancer, on the veranda there can be windows from the floor to the ceiling, and the front input may have double doors. All these elements are introduced after creating the sketch of the foundation of your home, walls, roofs, doors and windows. This lesson should assist for you with ease of drawing a house ! Step 1
Step 1 How to draw a house

Plan of the house. Start working on the house plan, drawing a large rectangle and divide it into two parts with a straight vertical line. The 1st rectangle that will be the living room should be longer than the 2nd, corridor. One of the goals of this lesson — teach you to determine the right proportions, but if you feel that you have a skill for this at the moment, do not confuse to create your own home layout. Step 2
Step 2 How to draw a house

Roof and doors contours. Mark the top of the roof coming from the middle of the left side of the house. Draw a horizontal line along the entire length of the house, starting right. This line will separate the roof from the walls of the house. Draw another rectangle that will be the door, on the right side of the house. Step 3
Step 3 How to draw a house

Window at home. You see, following a step by step and the introduction of a line when drawing a house makes the process of more or least smooth and easy. Your drawing is almost half completed, as you add the foundation and windows. Draw another horizontal line along the base for the foundation of the house, the essential structural element is at least some building. Add parallel stripes, for example, on the roof. Then draw two smallest rectangles for windows in the living room. Step 4
Step 4 How to draw a house

Add details to home. Now «Cut» roof on both sides, tilting it a little to the side. Very occasionally the roof is quite symmetrical, because we can try to give her an exciting form. Modify the contours of windows and doors. Add the next layer of the foundation at the bottom of the house. Draw a small rectangle over a bit of a larger rectangle near the vertical separation strip — it will serve as a funnel. Connect the walls with the roof on the left side of your drawing. Step 5
Step 5 How to draw a house

Draw parallel stripes on the front of the roof to make the effect of layered wood boards. Add shutters to windows. The entrance can be divided into two doors with a cautious threshold of pione. To make a memories that your foundation is made of brick, draw it with a bunch of tiny squares. You can use the same technique for smoking. Underline the roof of the clay tiles, which may be a painful occupation, but it is worth it. It is also worth surrounding your house with a wonderful landscape with trees and grass. Step 6
Step 6 How to draw a house

Creeping home drawing step. The color of your drawing, as you consider it necessary with color pencils or markers. In this video you will learn how to draw a suburban house step by step. The drawing of the house has a three-dimensional perspective to reality.

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