How to draw kangaroo – step by step

How to draw kangaroo – step by step

How to draw a kangaroo step by step

Kangaroo, of course, a unique animal. First of all, Kangaroo (and Koala) lives only in Australia. Mother Kangaroo has copper on the stomach, that she uses to raise her child called Joey. Joey stays in the bag until it grows. This is not the only distinctive feature having a kangaroo. This animal has huge muscle hind legs and a long fat tail. Your kangaroo drawing will look more accurate if you draw gradually using pencil number 2. As a first step, the sketch of the general contours of Kangaroo and # 39; Chest, legs and head, and then other parts of the animal housing and # 39;. Let and # 39 go to it!

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Step 1

How to draw kangaroo, step 1

Start with drawing two circles. One of them for a kangaroo, and another chest, and the other should be a little more and is designed for the back of the trunk. After connecting the circles with a straight line, add a small hyphen on the neck as so. If this helps you compare a kangaroo with similar animals, think about the hare. Hare oversized hind legs, short cheese and long ears. The main difference between the two animals lies in the tail length – is very long in the kangaroo.

Step 2

How to draw kangaroo, step 2

At this step, we will draw paws and tail on Kangaroo. Freepaws short, so draw them almost by direct lines, and the rear embankments bent almost on the right corner on their midpoint. Long tail can be drawn in any form. Draw a small circle for the neck and # 39; S Defis. This is where it will be connected to Kangaroo head & # 39;.

Step 3

How to draw kangaroo, step 3

Until now, you only outlined circles and lines indicating the general proportions of Kangaroo body and # 39;. Now let me # 39; convert them to actual body contours. Sufficient to leave the lines are curved when you see on my drawing.

Step 4

How to draw kangaroo, step 4

Erase excess pencil lines to reveal an almost finished kangaroo sketch. Add eye, nose and mouth inside your head. Draw ears above your head, and you may notice that your kangaroo is already curious about you with drawings.

Step 5

How to draw kangaroo, step 5

Let’s continue to work on your head and legs. If your kangaroo drawing big, I.testify. He takes all the space on your sheet of paper, it can help add shadows using a pencil and spend some time on making an animal, & # 39; Eyes look expressive. If your drawing is relatively small, try to repeat my drawing. Darken Kangaroo and # 39; eyes, nose and mouth. Do not forget to add claws to its paws, it would seem that minors, but important item.

Step 6

How to draw kangaroo, step 6

At the moment, the shadows in the whole drawing of the kangaroo and work on the landscape if you want. Kangaroo can often be seen near the coast in Australia. For simplicity, draw a horizontal line of the sea for your kangaroo and sandy coast. Your kangaroo drawing will be more realistic if you draw other kangaroo nearby, because the kangaroo live in packs.

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