How to draw whale – step by step

How to draw whale – step by step

How to draw whale

This lesson about painting China. KIT resembles a huge submarine. It is amazing as a tiny man regarding China, which weighs up to several tons! Also, contrary to intuitive, whale is not a fish, but a mammal. Whale breastfeed their offspring. Now let me # 39; Move to draw whale.

Step 1

How to draw whale, step 1

The initial contour of whale. Whale scheme looks very similar to the fact that the submarine, with the exception of the back rises high. Draw a fin in the middle. Has a relatively complex form, so I will point out step by step, how to draw it. Add two more lines to your drawing in the order shown here.

Step 2

How to draw whale, step 2

Double check your ratio of whale & # 39;. Connect the smooth lines of the whale and body on the tail and # 39;. Don and # 39; Do not press the pencil too much, because you can’t get them right on the first attempt. You do not want your kil to appear «skinny» or «fat», Therefore, see the proportions of this magnificent mammal.

Step 3

How to draw whale, step 4

Draw whale & # 39. Whale has a fin on his back, one on each side, and the tail fin. Erase all unnecessary pencil lines in the area before drawing the fin. Add eyeball and evaluate where the mouth will.

Step 4

How to draw whale, step 5

Work on the chapter of China & # 39;. China’s mouth and mouth huge and spreads literally from one eye to another. It feeds on a tiny plankton that dwells on the surface of the ocean and # 39; For which KIT tirelessly filters ocean water through special mustache in the mouth. China is white slightly striped belly. Your drawing is almost finished, just sharing in some areas and add a few more details into the whale housing and # 39;.

Step 5

How to draw whale, step 6

The last patch of whale. It is not necessary to paint this drawing. Shading it to use # 2 Pencil will be just fine. Darken ocean water to convey the depth on which your whale swims. When whale comes to the surface to fill its light air, it produces a high flow of water from the hole on the back. Thus, if you choose to position your whale near the ocean and surface # 39;.

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