How to draw a coal pencil

How to draw a coal pencil in stages for kids

In this drawing lesson, we will show for you how to draw a coal for 8 ordinary steps. This step-by-step lesson is evenly built at each last step until you reach the finish drawing of Koala. Here are some funny facts about the coal that you can intrigue. Koala is found in the coastal areas of Eastern and South Australia. Koala lives almost 100% on the leaves of the eucalyptus. Koalas are carried out about 3 of its own 5 active hours for food. Step-by-step koala sketch Step 1: Draw a little curved line to designate the top of the head.

Step 2: Draw ears on both sides.

Step 3: Through the head contour.

Step 4:

Step 5: Draw your back and contour of the hands and legs.

Step 6: Connect the front of the housing.

Step 7: Draw the wood cutting circuit in the background.

Step 8: Add clauses and details of the face to complete the sketch of Koala.

Here is a video showing how to draw a coal climbing on a tree.

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