How to draw a coal – step by step

How to draw a coal – step by step

Koala bear drawing a pencil, step-by-step

Bear Koala and Panda, probably the two most cute animals there. On any painting Koala always looks a bit clumsily and so kindly that it is almost someone smiles. If you have experience, drawing animals, try to draw a koala. This drawing can simply turn out to illuminate your drawing collection. So let’s draw a coal to a pencil step by step.

Step 1

Koala bear drawing with a pencil, step 1

First sketch of Koala & # 39 – Case using three overlapping circles. Such a preliminary comparison will help you to preserve the correct proportions of this body and No. 39;. For the front paws, draw four small circles to help you form the front paws at a later stage.

Step 2

Koala bear drawing pencil, step 2

Draw four small circles for the front naps of Koala. They will help you accurately form the front paws in the next step.

Step 3

Koala bear drawing with a pencil, step 3

Connect the lines for the front paws with four lines when they are taken in mind that the left paw is slightly bent. Koala uses both the front and rear paws to capture the branch, so draw the lines for the rear paws on the same level as for the right front paw.

Step 4

Koala bear drawing with a pencil, step 4

It is very easy to draw the rear paws using the manual; Just connect circles with curved lines.
Figure Koala’s head & # 39;. Sketch two large ears, an oblong nose sketch, and two small circles for Koala and # 39;. We will convert these rough contours to true eyes and ears soon. Koala scolds a tree branch with paws, so draw in the details of the paws, capturing the branch at first, and then erase unnecessary pencil lines and start working on the rest of the items. Although this step is not too complicated, it requires special attention. Focus on the right front paw. Koala & # 39; Ears fuzzy. Sketch Common Eye Forms, Nose and Roth.

Step 5

Koala bear drawing with a pencil, step 5

Remember that you want your Koala sitting on a branch, capturing it with three paws. Now finish Drawing Koala & # 39;. Eyes look more realistic with a small look in them to create an impression of Koala, looking at the viewer. You may want to shake on your Koala & # 39 – big black nose to make him look.

Step 6

Koala bear drawing with a pencil, step 6

Do not pay attention to the next step, if you want to paint in your drawing using watercolor or pencils. However, if you decide to stick without. 2 pencil, you need to make some shading of your drawing to make your coal appear more than 3D.

Step 7

Koala bear drawing with a pencil, step 7

Add a background always helps to draw a drawing look more realistic, so draw leaves and branches around the koala. Now you know how to draw a Bear Koala.

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