How to draw a cat – step by step

How to draw a cat – step by step

How to draw a cat step-by-step

Fabulous catcharts, such as pussy in boots, are one of the most beloved for children to draw. Photos of cats drawn with a pencil or watercolor can be a good decoration in the children’s room & # 39;. Let both # 39 learn how to draw a cat. We must follow the step-by-step process to accurately draw a realistic cat.

Step 1

How to draw a cat, step 1

Draw a cat loop from several circles. Start with a circle for Cat & # 39; Head and add preliminary lines for a cat shape & # 39;. Then draw a big oval in the middle that there will be a torso. Draw two curves based on cat and # 39;. Finally, draw the lines connecting the head to the neck.

Step 2

How to draw a cat, step 2

Cat & # 39;. Now fill out the form of your cat & # 39;. Note that there are strips on the front of the neck and head. When working on a cat and # 39; Head, Don and # 39; Do not forget to add ears and cheeks. Next, draw the eyes and mouth of the cat along the equality drawn at the beginning.

Step 3

How to draw a cat, step 3

Stage of small details. Draw a line on the ears to create a real ear, and then add hair on the forehead. Then draw a mustache and start identifying the support of the front paw. Then give the body more details and bone extending from the middle of the chest.

Step 4

How to draw a cat, step 4

Finish the drawing of Kota. To finish sketch, draw a cat, front legs and tail. Erase all unnecessary lines that you drew in the early stages.

Step 5

How to draw a cat, step 5

Cat drawing is almost ready! Now that you finished drawing a cat, you can make it or her look a little more realistic. To do this, add shadows or spotted fur. If you love, draw the surrounding objects next to the cat.

Step 6

How to draw a cat, step 6

Cat Drawing is now completed!

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