How to draw a kitten – step by step

How to draw a kitten – step by step

How to draw a kitten, step by step

It’s not easy to draw kittens. First of all, kittens are small, and secondly, they are very active. Drawing a kitten can take a lot of time and to get a kitten to sit even a minute impossible. Consequently, it is rare for kittens that will be addressed from real life. When you draw a kitten, you must try to catch at least a common form, and other details can be completed from the memory. You can draw a kitten or draw a realistic cat from real life at stages. First draw the general contour of the kitten, sitting yet, then focus on my head and legs. Finally, if your drawing looks pale, you can add color with crayons. The kitten fur can have many different shades, even the most unexpected colors. In this lesson, we learn how to draw a kitten in a pencil # 2.

Step 1

How to draw a kitten, step 1

Let both # 39 draw a kitten lying on the back. As always, start with drawing the main contours of the body, head and legs. Remember that it is better to use the method of blocking circles and rows at this initial stage.

Step 2

How to draw a kitten, step 2

According to the main circuits, circle the body of the kitten. Feel free to draw lines arbitrarily, because minor errors won and # 39; t since the fluffy kitten. Follow the proportions of the body closely, although. The legs of the kitten and legs should be the same in length and thickness. The head should not be too big or small.

Step 3

How to draw a kitten, step 3

Erase all unnecessary figures and work on kitten details & # 39 Radu and Feet. At the moment, use weak pencil touches, as you still need to fix them. Most importantly, be careful with the placement of the eyes, nose and mouth. You may want to view more photos of kittens to guide you on your drawing. Draw a face – this is the most important part. Take your time on drawing eyes, mouth and nose, and then complete the kitten & # 39; muzzle. Add a mustache.

Step 4

How to draw a kitten, step 4

After you finish work on the muzzle, double check the proportions of the kitten and body # 39; Go to the last phase. Work on the paws and add claws. Finish drawing, painting it with pencils. Paints can also be used, but only if you have some kind of previous experience with them.

Step 5

How to draw a kitten, step 5

While I just shake on my drawing with a pencil # 2, I recommend using color pencils. Thus, the picture of the kitten will be more busy and impressive. By the way, you can also draw the environment, which should not be too busy, so as not to distract the attention from the kitten. You can draw only common forms using # 2 pencils. I hope you have found this lesson about how to draw a kitten useful.

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