How to draw a lion – step by step

How to draw a lion – step by step

How to draw lion, step by step

The lion is one of the largest predators in the family of feline. Drawing this animal is not easy. Although the lion is very similar to the cat, it is still more difficult to draw. Lions are also associated with tigers, leopards and jaguars. Its recognizable clear features – a large mane and tip fur on the tail. In this lesson, we learn how to draw lions.

Step 1

How to draw lion, step 1

Attract body lion. To do this, draw a large circle almost in the middle of the sheet of paper. Then add two circles on the right side of your sheet on the front of the clavicle and head. Initial circles will be useful for you in drawing a general form of a lion.

Step 2

How to draw lion, step 2

Fill the form of lion & # 39;. Then add three long leg ovals. After drawing one curved line on the back and a short curved line at the bottom of the body.

Step 3

How to draw lions, step 3

Then add Smal Circle for the mouth and several circuits for the paw. The next step is to draw small ovals for Lion’s feet Lion & # 39; S Connect all parts of the lines as shown here. Finally, draw the tail and tip of the tail. Add eyes, nose and mouth on lion & # 39;.

Step 4

How to draw lion, step 4

Using eraser, wipe all unnecessary lines and clearly draw the main plan. Draw the contours of the mane, as shown in the picture. Start pulling the details of the lion & # 39; s Mord. Add a mustache and finish your eyes.

Step 5

How to draw lion, step 5

How to draw lions for children. The final stage. Next you need to add shadows to the Lion pattern & # 39;. The farther something from the front of your drawing, the less light falls into it, therefore, it is more shaded. Draw a landscape surrounding the lion. Additional details enliven pictures and make a lion drawing more realistic.

Step 6

How to draw lions, step 6

Realistic picture of lion is now completed!

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