How to draw mangu

How to draw manga – draw step by step
How to draw manga step by step

Every fan wants to know how to draw anime manga. But it may be difficult to draw a person, especially in anime. But try and with practice you can draw it well! Pictures of the anime of the people in the manga style manga depict a noticeable head and big eyes, because they are the most important element of the manga. Human eyes pass all the emotions and the mood of the character. In this lesson, we learn how to draw anime in the style of manga, using # 2 pencil.

Step 1

How to draw manga, step 1

Drawing anime – manga. Head and Body Scheme. The first step is to draw the contours of the body. The human body consists of 3 parts: head, torso and legs. First, draw a big circle for the head of the girl. Then, noting the position of the chin and draw oval. At the bottom of the image you need to draw a circle for the legs. Draw two lines to connect both contours.

Step 2

How to draw manga, step 2

Start draw hand and face. In the picture of the body, we start with the hips, which are the main elements expressing movement. Any bend means movement in the whole torso. The position of other parts of the body will depend on it. Draw the contours of the hand, namely elbows, wrists and hands. You also need to add a neck outline and start painting face.

Step 3

How to draw manga, step 3

Draw your hand and legs in Manga Stile. Legs and hands are usually elegant in manga anime. If you want to fully draw your legs, then make foot markings, ankles, knees and groin. On this illustration, the legs are drawn to her knees, so we will do without marking. Hands should be thin and long in manga style.

Step 4

How to draw manga, step 4

How to draw hair and eyes of manga style. Eyes should be big and round, beautiful and expressive. The nose should be small, almost imperceptible, so as not to distract attention from the eyes. Mouth is really a man. Manga’s drawings usually contain small inaccuracies that are quite valid.

Step 5

How to draw manga, step 5

Hair in manga style. We draw only a few person strands. Long hair can pass a big level of movement in your manga anime drawing. Mouth lines should be rounded and clean, wipe extra marks from the eraser.

Step 6

How to draw manga, step 6

Additional effects. You can change a little image of a girl and give it an unusual appearance. Some examples add a cat’s ears and tail. You must apply your imagination while drawing a manga! Graphics should surprise and delight. It’s time to draw clothes. Choose what you like. Remember that a thin tissue tends to have more folds than fat. In addition, the position and direction of folds depend on the position of the body. However, do not draw wrinkles in the fabric when you work on clothing contours.

Step 7

How to draw manga, step 7

Manga Girl Drawing is now completed!

You can watch this lesson on YouTube.

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