How to draw the sea – step by step

How to draw the sea – step by step

How to draw sea

Requires an experienced artist to draw the sea and give it color. The artist often uses colored aquamarine to draw marine, another name for the sea. Learn about various types of seas, and its different states may be a vital process. We can use gouache or watercolor and even the best oil paints in order to accurately pass a variety of colors and depths of the sea. The colors of the sea is especially animated at sunset. Not easy to draw the sea, especially with a pencil. Most importantly – paint ocean waves. But let out & # 39; Start with a simple, step-by-step sea landscape, drawn # 2 pencil.

How to draw the sea, step by step.

Step 1

How to draw the sea, step 1

Start, draw a line for the beach and another for the sea horizon. First, draw the main sea plan of the landscape. This initial outline will include stones and stones on the seashore. You can add small waves around the stones near the water. Draw a separate string for the horizon and add the settings of the Sun.

Step 2

How to draw the sea, step 2

Waves of the sea. Draw the contour lines of the waves throughout the sea. Make a strike. Do not press too much to the pencil.

Step 3

How to draw the sea, step 3

At this stage, we draw draw sketches of waves around the stones. You can label them with your finger or eraser. Start adding blows in part of the sea, which is located next to the horizon. The horizon line is also blurred, so you can use the same technique. Add a color to all the rest of the sea perimeter.

Step 4

How to draw the sea, step 4

Sand on the seashore. Now we will work on the sand. Draw a sea coastline from sand and add tonality to a pencil. Then we remove any black pigment from the sea, carefully whitening the darker sections with an eraser. Draw stones and draw small clouds over the sea.

Step 5

How to draw the sea, step 5

Picture of clouds over the sea. At the moment we add more blows at the top of this image of the sea. Then darken the top of the sky. Make water to glisten in some areas of the sea. Add a few small clouds using weak strokes to portray the wind. Now you know how to draw the sea with a pencil, and you can draw a fishing boat or a small sailboat in the sea, and t. D.

Step 6

How to draw the sea, step 6

After a couple of times of practice, you can paint it in paint. I painted the sea using the Wacom tablet.

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