How to draw deer – step by step

How to draw deer – step by step

Drawing deer, step-by-step

The method of drawing a deer looks like a horse drawing. Of course, there are some major differences between the two animals: the deer has a short and elegant trunk, short tail and expansive horns on a man. Draw a running deer especially difficult. It may be difficult to convey this animal & # 39; Grace in the picture. Deer and legs and horns and horns are very important elements of their body, and can emphasize its majestic assembly with proper handling. In this lesson, we learn how to draw a deer in # 2 pencil.

Step 1

Drawing deer, step 1

Draw a basic line for deer & # 39; S Torso. Draw a deer & # 39; S Torso on the main line in the center of your sheet of paper. We will branch off from it, adding legs and neck with your head. At this stage it is important to position the legs correctly, because later we will use them to create a specific dynamics of deer and body # 39;. Next drew oval for the head and add the main branches of the horns.

Step 2

Drawing deer, step 2

Draw rude figures of deer and legs, according to our preliminary lines. To do this, add the muscles in the skeleton, and then add the contours of the torso and head. Make sure that you do not force your legs and too short legs or too short – they are thin and elegant. Safely make them too long than too short.

Step 3

Drawing deer, step 3

Owl’s head & # 39;. Now we need to draw deer and # 39;. Draw two small oval for eyes. Below eye Add a small trapezium for the nose. Don and # 39; Do not forget about the thin line for mouth. In addition, we need to draw ovals for the ears of deer. See also draw a horse & # 39; head.

Step 4

Pictures of deer, step 4

Antlera. Currently draw deer & # 39;. To do this, you must draw two arched thick lines. Then add branches or straw branches to those lines. Try to make horns symmetrical on both sides.

Step 5

Drawing deer, step 5

Add details and editing your sketch. Let be & # 39 clarify some things to make sure our drawing of a deer is so realistic as it can be. One of the deer & # 39 front legs is slimmer and bent on the knee. Draw a tiny round tail. Next, check for some time on the clarification of your animal sketch and # 39;. Since the deer turned his head to the side, add folds into the skin to the neck.

Step 6

Drawing deer, step 6

Shading of deer and body # 39;. At this stage, we will flourish in a deer and # 39;. You can simply copy the color of deer from my images, and can also add places wherever you want to make your deer! Perfect background – snowy winter and day # 39;.

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