How to draw octopus – step by step

How to draw octopus – step by step

How to draw octopus, step by step

Octopus – Unique Ocean Animal. He has eight hands called tentacles, which are equipped with numerous suction cups. Octopus moves, pushing water from his hollow trunk. It is amazing that the octopus has a score and stock ink with which it paints water when it feels danger. Drawing octopus relatively easy, because as soon as you draw a long tentacle and an oval head, it becomes clear that this is an octopus. This sea animal looks like a squid, except for its larger.

You will learn how to draw octopus step by step.

Step 1

How to draw octopus, step 1

Therefore, to draw proper octopus, you need to make not only suction cups on his tentacles, but also two eyes on the head. To emphasize its size, you can draw this animal next to other ocean residents.

Step 2

How to draw octopus, step 2

Start, draw elbow oval slightly tilted on the left. The lower part of this is an oval must be somewhat flat. Note, since this stage is quite important. Then draw the outline «skirts», connected to the bottom of the oval, and you will be ready to draw tentacles in the next step.

Step 3

How to draw octopus, step 3

Currently draw rough lines that will serve as the basis for the tentacle. Start drawing them from the base of the trunk, making sure they are more narrow to the end. Make sure the tentacles are more or less the same in length and width.

Step 4

How to draw octopus, step 4

After erasing additional quarandashov lines from the fact that your amino painting is almost full. Add eyes to octopus & # 39; Head and suction cups of various sizes throughout the lower part of each tentiard.

Step 5

How to draw octopus, step 5

As you can see, the hardest part of the octopus is ended.

Step 6

How to draw octopus, step 6

It does not need colors in this picture, but it can be fun! However, adding shades with # 2 pencil will make a job. To emphasize the large size of your octopus – tentacles can be up to two meters long – you may want to draw other marine creatures against your photo. It can help make the octopus drawing appeared more realistic.

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