How to draw a peach pencil

How to draw a peach pencil phased for beginners

How to draw Persik

Here is an ordinary lesson how to draw a peach step by step. In the last step you can draw a peach with a decisive, using a pencil either handle. Step 1
Step 1 How to draw a peach

At first, it is necessary to circle the contour of peach fruit. Step 2
Step 2 How to draw a peach

In the subsequent step it is worth checking the shape of the circle using intersecting lines. All four sectors of the flawless circle should be similar. Step 3
Step 3 How to draw a peach

Now we need to find a place where the peach sheet will be drawn. Step 4
Step 4 How to draw peach

Finish List Contour Drawing. The fruit of peach consists of 2 halves. It is necessary to show this feature for you and add a peach to the main outline. Step 5
Step 5 How to draw a peach

Remove unnecessary stripes and add some details to the drawing. Step 6
Step 6 How to draw peach

Peach sketch will look better when it is painted with a pencil or handle.

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