How to draw penguin pencil

How to draw penguin pencil stages for children

How to draw penguin

In this drawing lesson, we will show for you how to draw a penguin for 6 ordinary steps. This step-by-step lesson is evenly built at every last step until you reach the finish drawing of the penguin. Here are some exciting facts about penguins. Now there are 18 types of penguins in the world, 5 of which are under danger of disappearance. Although the penguins are unhurried on land, they are the most sweat type of birds in water, also the deepest immersion. Penguins usually carry out 70% of their own life in water. The average duration of the Penguin’s life in the wild nature is from 15 to 20 years. Types of penguins vary by weight from 2 kg to 90 kg. Step-by-step penguin sketch Start drawing a penguin by performing any of the 6 steps in the sequence. Step 1: Start rendering the beak penguin. How to draw penguin

Step 2: Draw a head. How to draw penguin

Step 3: Draw the body and base. How to draw penguin

Step 4: Draw your back and tail feathers. How to draw penguin

Step 5: Outline on the wing and legs of the Penguin. How to draw penguin

Step 6: Draw in the eye and the last strokes of the beak, cervix, back and fingers. How to draw penguin

Here Kutsa video showing how to draw penguin.

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