How to draw a pony step

How to draw a pony stepgy | Pictures for children

How to draw a pony step

If you ever tried to draw a horse before, you can easily draw a pony in this lesson. The anatomical structure of these two animals is very similar to the exception of several parts. Learning how to draw a pony or a horse can be difficult, especially if you draw them in motion. However, the step-by-step method here should help you easily draw a pony.

Step 1

How to draw a pony, step 1

Start, draw two circles and connect them together with the curved line, as shown in my picture. It becomes useful for subsequent stages on pony drawing.

Step 2

How to draw a pony, step 2

In the next step, sketch your neck and body. Also draw two circles and four lines for the pony.

Step 3

How to draw a pony, step 3

Now draw joint balls, as shown on my drawing. Then add two circles to the bottom of your pony head.

Step 4

How to draw a pony, step 4

Now let’s work in the drawing of the pony. Draw the main outline for the head. In the next step, we will add only a few parts to make a drawing completed.

Step 5

How to draw a pony, step 5

In order to finish drawing a pony, you need to erase additional sketches of the pencil. In the end, your pony pattern is almost ready. Now let’s add more detail on your feet and finish a drawing of a horse’s head. You must also add hooves and tail to your pony.

Step 6

How to draw a pony, step 6

Finish drawing by adding various shades to your pony body. In this simple lesson, we watched simple steps for drawing a pencil. If you want to draw more realistic ponies, you can colors in ponies with pencils or paints.

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