How to draw bullfinch bird – step by step

How to draw bullfinch bird – step by step

How to draw BellFinch Birt Step by step

In this lesson we will use a step-by-step method to draw a bird bullfding. This guide helps you easily draw realistic bird. You will learn simple steps strained correctly and explore the main technique for drawing any birds.

Step 1

How to draw a bird, step 1

Where we start? Of course, you must start from the baseline, and then step by step add details. Draw three circles of different sizes to help you with the main contour of the birds and heads and heads.

Step 2

How to draw a bird, step 2

Now you must draw two curved lines to the body. Draw the initial lines for paws and poultry tail. All you need for this step – Draw a little bird’s beak.

Step 3

How to draw a bird, step 3

Using the sketches from the first stage, work on the definition of the initial head and body circuits. Draw a small bird contour & # 39;. The next step will help you paint the bird more precisely.

Step 4

How to draw a bird, step 4

Now you must draw the approximate shape of the head, wings and tail. Easy to draw eyes and bird & # 39;. Then draw the paws. Leave the bottom of the legs to finish at the next stage.

Step 5

How to draw a bird, step 5

Erase all extra lines that no longer need support for your solical form. Draw the bottom of the leg in the details. Draw a dividing line between the neck and the bottom of the bird. Let be & # 39 spend some time on feathers and # 39;. Like the next step, shadow in your bird using pencil number 2.

Step 6

How to draw a bird, step 6

Now we almost ended the poultry drawing lesson. How about photographing contemptuous technology with black and white feathers? Then try to recreate the pen template using pencil number 2. You can draw a bird with watercolor or pencils.

Step 7

How to draw a bird, step 7

As the last step, you just need to paint the bird. Coloring will make your drawing more fun. Look, it’s as if the fast came to life!

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