How to draw hands – step by step

How to draw hands – step by step

How to draw hands, step by step

If you want to draw a person, it is important to try and get facial contours of the face, because the face is the central point of your drawing. But in order to correctly draw a person, you need to know how to draw hands and other parts of the human figure. So I will show you how to draw a human hand with a pencil step by step.

Step 1

How to draw hands, step 1

There are different ways of hand drawing. The simplest of them – put your hand on a sheet of paper and read your contour pencil. I suggest drawing stages. Using this method, the drawing will be more accurate and correct. First, mark seven dots and connect them together.

Step 2

How to draw hands, step 2

Now keep painting your hand. Just connect all points with straight lines to each other. Hand is already obvious!

Step 3

How to draw hands, step 3

It would be too easy to draw all lines of hand. Now you have to use your imagination and draw a real hand shape using the original outline.

Step 4

How to draw hands, step 4

After that, erase the initial contours, and now your drawing looks like a real human hand.

Step 5

How to draw hands, step 5

Add a few small details, and you can go to the last hand drawing.

Step 6

How to draw hands, step 6

Now you have to add sketches on your drawing to make your hand in her natural. Notification, human hands have some wrinkles on the skin or folds that stretch when the fingers are straight, and not bent. This is especially noticeable in older people. I believe that now you agree with me that it is not easy to draw hands, not?

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