How to draw a mermaid – step by step

How to draw a mermaid – step by step
How to draw a mermaid, step by step

Theme of this lesson – how to draw a mermaid in # 2 pencil. The ability to draw a female figure and a tail of big fish will be useful here. Mermaid is half a person, half of the fish, so you are not only going to draw a fish tail, but also cover its lower body with fish scales. You will also need to draw water waves, because the mermaids inhabit the sea.

Step 1

How to draw a mermaid, step 1

Draw a curved line of the body of the mermaid. As always, let’s start our drawing with the contour of the body of the mermaid. Draw a long curved line intersectable on top of the line at the level of shoulders, and the other bottom to indicate the top and bottom of the mermaid. Making these sketches will help you accurately appreciate its proportions, which is a decisive step in the picture.

Step 2

How to draw a mermaid, step 2

The contours of the head of mermaids, abdomen and tail. Draw a circle for the head above the level line on the shoulder. Then draw it a thin waist and pelvic bone, turning into a fish tail with a dolphin fin at its end.

Step 3

Work on the form of the body of the mermaid. Mermaid is usually depicted as a deer and an elegant creature. According to myths, the unearthly beauty of the mermaids and the evil charm caused a lot of shipwrecks in the past. Bend one of her hands on the elbow to show that she calls someone. At this stage, you can put finishing strokes on her body and tail.

Step 4

How to draw a mermaid, step 4

Erase additional pencil lines. After you finish drawing hands, use eraser to get rid of all unnecessary pencil lines. You are almost finished! Now let’s draw her hair and work on the face of her girl.

Step 5

How to draw a mermaid, step 5

Face of mermaid. Try to spend some time by making the face of the mermaids as beautiful as possible as possible. Remember that it uses its beauty as a tool for seafarers primary in her trap. It’s all in detail! Add details to the search for your mermaid: hair accessory, belt around the waist, tail on the tail and a good pattern on the fin.

Step 6

How to draw a mermaid, step 6

Last Mermaid Drawing Step. Now that your drawing is almost completed, add shades to her body and draw it, sitting on the rock, among the ocean waves.

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