How to draw a fish pencil

How to draw a fish pencil in stages for kids

How to draw fish

In this drawing lesson, we will show for you how to draw a picture close to reality for 6 ordinary steps. This step-by-step lesson is evenly built at every last step until you reach the finish drawing of ordinary fish. This is an ordinary lesson created for beginners and babies with easy to perform steps. Here are some exciting facts about fish that can intrigue you. Most of the fish are cold-blooded, which allows them to change their body temperature when the medium temperature changes. There are 31,500 species of fish. Fish dimensions range from a large 16-meter whale shark to a tiny 8-millimeter thick young fish. Almost all fish color vision, the same as a person. Fish experience pain and horror. A fish — Step-by-step pencil sketch Step 1: Draw the contour of the highest part of the fish.
Step 1: Draw the contour of the top of the fish

Step 2: Draw the front of the fish.
Step 2: Draw the front of the fish

Step 3: Draw the bottom of the fishesum.
Step 3: Draw the lower part of the belly of fish

Step 4: Draw upper and bottom fins.
Step 4: Draw upper and lower fins

Step 5: Add the lower front fins and graduate the tail part.
Step 5: Add the bottom front fins and complete the tail

Step 6: Add the eyes and the last fins on the body to end this conventional fish sketch!
Step 6: Add your eyes and the last fin on the body to complete this simple fish drawing!

Here is a video video showing how to draw another version of the fish.

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