How to draw fish – step by step

How to draw fish – step by step

How to draw fish, step by step

In this lesson, we learn how to draw fish, one of the most beautiful fish.

Step 1

How to draw fish, step 1

Scheme Betta Fish. Draw a long oval, with a circle for fisheye and sketch of fishery.

Step 2

How to draw fish, step 2

Draw fins Betta Fish. Men’s Betta Fish has outstanding fins to emphasize on your drawing. Use wavy lines to draw the upper fin, dorsal fin and tail fin, which is directly under the belly.

Step 3

How to draw fish, step 3

Fish drawing almost ready. At this step you need to draw in detail. Therefore, if you manage to add a wave to each fin, your fish will look elegant and more realistic, as if she swims.

Step 4

How to draw fish, step 4

Fish details Figure. At this step you will work on Betta fish drawing items. Draw a sad fin, which is located near the Zhabrov. Place the pupil inside the eye, and then draw a line around the eyes. Then draw a little longer fin for fishery eyes and slightly extend it from a ventral fin.

Step 5

Fish drawings, step 4

Fish drawings. The final stage. Erase all unnecessary sketches left from previous steps. Now you might think about the landscape. You can not pass all the beauty of this fish, without staining it with bright patterns. Or you can just give it a goldfish coloring.

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