How to draw a plane – step by step

How to draw a plane – step by step

How to draw an aircraft

It’s not very difficult to draw a plane. You need to know your structure to be able to draw it. The only problem lies in the drawing of the wings and the tail of the aircraft. Military aircraft have a different form from passenger. In this lesson, we learn steps to draw a military aircraft.

Step 1

How to draw a plane, step 1

Draw a block-plane. Let both # 39 begin our drawing with the main contour of the aircraft body. Do it, draw a long straight line. On one edge, draw a square for the cabin and two inclined lines for the wings. Continue to the end of the line and draw two lines for the rear wings branched from the aircraft. Right next to them, draw two more lines for another wing.

Step 2

How to draw an airplane, step 2

Main parts of the aircraft. Now you need to carefully draw other parts of the aircraft, as you can more accuracy. Start with a nose of the aircraft. Draw a nasal shape similar to a rocket. Then sketch the body of the aircraft to the wings. Next thrust. Then spend some time on the tail. Draw two pairs of smaller wings, like previous. Behind yourself, make a line with two turbines.

Step 3

Onion section of the aircraft. Draw parts on the bow of the aircraft. Do it, draw a very big circle. Add a short string. Click Carter with your pencil over your preliminary lines from previously and connect them to the wings in a smooth transition.

Step 4

How to draw an aircraft, step 4

Add wings. Now you need to add wings to the plane. First, twist two other lines from the midline of the wings. Add keyboard on the side of the front. Ends of each wing look like a small rocket. Then work on the remaining details.

Step 5

How to draw an airplane, step 5

How to draw an aircraft. Final stage. At the moment we erase all unnecessary lines from our drawing and add the end of the plane strokes. Do not forget to place turbines and fuel tanks, which are both that allow flight, near the rear of the aircraft.

Step 6

How to draw a plane, step 6

Painting military aircraft. Now we will draw a plane with military overwork. It can be a fighter. We will need three colors for colors of camouflage. If you use watercolor, apply paint into smooth rounded movements. If you want, you can draw a pilot in the cockpit of the aircraft. To create smoother transitions and reduce the contrast of the lines on your drawing, you can step along the line with your fingers.

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