How to Draw Santa Claus – Step by Step

How to Draw Santa Claus – Step by Step
How to Draw Santa Claus, Step by Step

Around Christmas Eva Many Children Start Wondering How to Draw Santa Claus. Knowing How to Draw Santa Claus, And His Granddaughter Named Snow Maiden Can Come in Handy to Create a Christmas Card. Keep in Mind That A Person’s Drawing Is Not Easy Because of The Body and Spend Some Time On The Face to make Your Drawing. However. Let’s Try to Draw Santa Claus, USING PENCIL NUMBER 2, STEP by STEP.


How to Draw Santa Claus, Step 1

Initial Sketch. AS The First Step Towards Any Drawing, The Artist Makes A Rough Sketch or Sketch of this. HERE YOU APPROXIMATELY AND CHECK WHERE THE MAIN PARTS OF YOUR DRAWING ARE LOCATED AND ONLY After You Are Moving To the Details. Let’s Take Time On This Important Step. Draw A Preliminary Contours of Santa’s Body in Three Parts: A Circle for His Head, A Larger Circle for His Chest and Outline of His Coat.


How to Draw Santa Claus, Step 2

Drawing Weapons of Santa Claus. You Probably Noticed That People In My Initial Sketches Tend To Look A Little Prehistoric. Do Not Focus On This Right Now and Continue to Follow My Instructions in the Picture Now Weapons Santa. YOU MAY WANT TO DRAW BALLS OF VARIOUS SIZES FOR THE JOINTS OF THE HANDS AND LEGS. This Technique Helps Convey The Correct Proportions Of The Limbs. Pay Close Attention To the Length of the Lower Hand and Place The Elbow, Which Should Be at the Santa Waist Level.

Step 3

General Santa Claus Clothing Contour. Please Note How easy to Draw Santa’s Coat WITH «Joint Balls» in place. Make Sure Both Hands Have the Sam Width, and He Keeps The Magic Scepter in His Right Hand. AT The Moment You Can Add a Few More Details and Use Eraser to Remove Any Additional Pencil Sketches. Technically, Your Drawing Is Almost Done; All You Need to Do Is Draw Your Head and Beard.

Step 4

How to Draw Santa Claus, Step 4

Head and Beard Santa Claus. Before Drawing A Santa Hat With Pom-Pom, At First ApproxiMately Where On His Face Will Be Eyes, Nose and Mouth. At this Stage, This Should BE Relatively Easy to Draw The Beard and the Remaining Details.


How to Draw Santa Claus, Step 5

Santa Claus Face. BECAUSE MOST Attention to the Santa Claus Coat Does Not Need to Develope All The Details of the Face In This Picture. NEVERTHELESS, YOU MUST SPEND Some Time With Your Bathrobe and Skip to Make Him Look Like A Festive. Do Not Forget to Draw Felt Boots Looking Out Of A Robe.


How to Draw Santa Claus, Step 6

THE LAST STAGE OF SANTA CLAUS Drawing. Your New Year’s Drawing Of Santa Claus SHOLD BE BRIGHT AND COLORFUL, SO YOU CAN PAINT IT INTO USE OF COLORED PENCILS OR MARKERS. If You Have Experience Using Watercolor, It Would Be Perfectly Attracting This Favorite Holiday On A Big Sheet Of Paper. IF You Decide to Draw Your Granddaughter of the Sky Maiden Next to Him, Be Suore to Leave Enough Space on His Side Before You Start Sketch.

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