How to draw shrek – step by step

How to draw shrek – step by step
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In this section we learn how to draw a beloved Shrek step by step. First remember that Shrek is a fictional character of Ogre, who lives in a swamp. His body is oversized, and the facial features are more than human people. He has protruding stomachs and legs that are not proportional to the rest of their body. Keep in mind that the hands of Shrek comes down to her knees with big hands and thick coat. However, despite his hard look, it is obvious that Shrek’s features are kind, including its thick lips, a large chin and a wide nose with large nostrils. And, of course, his most recognizable feature is its folded ears who make it impossible to confuse Shrek for someone else. Let’s try to draw shrek!

Step 1

How to draw shrek, step 1

Using a pencil number 2, let’s start with the sketch of the approximate contour of the shrek head and the labeling of areas for the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Do not forget to leave enough space below for the rest of your body.

Step 2

How to draw shrek, step 2

Because the face is part of the body to which people pay the most attention, let’s finish drawing the head of Shrek and first. Complete the last contour by applying pencil branded strikes. Give your shine smile and rounded chin, as well as a more accurate shape of the nose and the ears in the form of rolls. Add small eyes and eyebrows. Check your work twice so far for the correct proportions before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3

How to draw shrek, step 3

At this stage of our drawing, let’s transfer our attention to the body of Shrek now when we finished your head. Sketch of outline of his shoulders and middle sections. He carries the bottom vest to emphasize his big body, and his shirt is not filled in.

Step 4

How to draw shrek, step 4

Using the initial contours of the top of the body, add more detail in the vest and shirt. Do not forget to add a strap from twine.

Step 5

How to draw shrek, step 5

In a similar form above, now let’s work on a preliminary outline of the legs using very soft pencil strikes that are not yet final lines. The most important part here is to try to transfer the exact proportions, considering that the legs of the shreek short and the hands are long.

Step 6

How to draw shrek, step 6

Work on the adjustment of pre-lines of the legs and give more definition for this part of its body. The shoes that he wears are very simple and remind dark rags wrapped around the legs with inverted fingers. Erase extra lines, but be careful not to smear your drawing and blow up the crumb erase, and not sweeping their hand.

Step 7

How to draw shrek, step 7

We are approaching the completion of our drawing! This step entails the provision of the right hand shape and the hands of Shrek, which we draw with rectangles to facilitate the process.

Step 8

How to draw shrek, step 8

As you can see, in this picture Shrek stretches hands and hands to the audience in an indisimizing threat. Let’s try to transfer this very emotion. Pay attention to the fingers slightly bent.

Step 9

How to draw shrek, step 9

This shrek drawing step is the fun! The most difficult part is over, and all that remains to do is some optional detailed work and, of course, colors. Since Shrek is a cartoon character, it is important to paint it in the use of watercolor or color pencils for a complete effect.

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