How to draw snowflake – step by step

How to draw snowflake – step by step
How to draw a snowflake, step by step

If you are going to draw a snowflake, you will be a ruler in addition to paper and pencil, because snowflakes come to geometric shapes. There is no single way to draw snowflake, because every snowflake is unique. Use your imagination and create your own snowflake pattern. Then cut it out with scissors and use it for the Christmas tree ornament or I can attach it on the glass in your window. If your window is large, one snowflake will not be enough for such jewelry. Therefore, after this lesson, you can draw snowflakes of different forms with a little effort. At any stage of this drawing, do not forget not to press the pencil too firmly, because the contours of your snowflake should be barely noticeable. Now let’s find out how to draw a simple snowflake step by step.

Step 1

How to draw snowflake, step 1

Drawing snowflakes may seem easy task. In fact, if you align the hands of your snowflakes symmetrically, the rest of the work is a piece of cake. Just be sure to spend some time in the first step, and your snowflake will come out beautiful.

Step 2

How to draw snowflake, step 2

Draw a small circle in the middle of the sheet of paper. Now let’s draw the main part of the crystal. Mark the tops of the hexagon and connect them together. Duplicate angles with short pencil strikes (see. My example).

Step 3

How to draw snowflake, step 3

Connect duplicate angles with the center of snowflakes. The first set of snowflake weapons must be narrowed to the center. Then draw the upper rays that look like sharp swords. Now you have the basic circuit of your snowflakes. From now on, elements of its design depends on you!

Step 4

How to draw a snowflake, step 4

You can continue to draw to rely on my example. Nevertheless, you can also create your own design. Just do not forget to make your snowflake symmetrically from any point of view. Then you will get a beautiful snowflake. No need to make design super difficult, especially if you want to cut your last design. After all, complex forms are hard to cut with scissors.

Step 5

How to draw snowflake, step 5

Snowflakes are symmetrical in shape and usually have an even number «arms» or ray. So you can draw only one beam. Then just fold the paper on the fourth or eighth and eight and cut out other rays using the contour of the source beam. So you get a snowflake with four to eight rays. If you do not want to pull your draw, plie the snowflake with a pencil. The drawing looks even more amazing if you make your shading in a blue pencil.

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