How to draw a dog – drawing a dog step by step

How to draw a dog – drawing a dog step by step

How to draw a dog step by step

In this lesson we will go to the stairs drawing a cute dog. Learn how to draw a dog step by step.
If you want to draw realistic ul. Bernard Dog or dog, like animals, see another harvest: how to draw a dog. Bernard Stepshop, drawing tiger, Vacan drawing step by step.

How to draw, step 1

To draw a dog beautifully, you need to make a simple markup of the picture. Draw a quadrilateral with sides from 10 to 8 cm and divide all sides in half.

How to draw, step 2

In the upper right circuit, draw a dog & # 39;. If you are a novice artist, draw a pencil so that you can easily remove inaccurate dog lines & # 39;.

How to draw, step 3

The most difficult thing in the drawing of the dog is behind, and now it will be completely easy to draw. Focus on the lines and draw the front feet of the dog.

How to draw, step 4

At the moment you need to draw the hind legs and the tail of the dog.

How to draw, step 5

At this stage drawing a dog, you need to add various small details on the drawing that you missed in the previous steps drawing a dog.
Add details in your nose, eyes, draw claws dog. At the end, draw the contours of the dots and # 39 points;.

How to draw, step 6

Dog drawing lesson completed.
Draw a dog, you need a conventional pencil and eraser. At the last stage of the dog and drawing # 39; Image can be paints or felt handles. Trying how to paint a dog can serve as an image. But you can paint your favorite dog or find a photo depicting a dog.

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