How to draw a sports car – step by step

How to draw a sports car – step by step

Sports car drawing step by step

Sports usually have an attractive smooth design with Super Dynamic Engineering. In this lesson, we learn steps for drawing a sports car Lamborghini Aventador.

How to draw a car step by step for beginners.

Step 1

Sport car drawing step 1

Sport car & # 39. First, you need to draw the outline of the sports car. To do this, draw a short string that will serve as a bumper border. Put two small vertical stripes at the end of the line. Then from the top ends of these lines, draw two inclined lines to the right. Try to recreate the slope from the drawing here. Connect the ends of these lines with another horizontal line. Add one more for glass right under this string. Then draw a touch line, with squares for wheels. Connect the roof to the car side. Add the next string to the side window.

Step 2

Sports car drawing step 2

Hood and bumper. Now at the ends of the hood we will draw two convex arcs. Add two pentagons on the bumper

Step 3

Sport car drawing step 3

Move on. Now pull the lights of our sports car. Continue the drawing in square excavations for the wheels; You want to insert circles.

Step 4

Sport car Figure step 4

Draw lines on a sports car & # 39;. At the moment we need to add a few rows to our car to highlight its rigid steel body. Make a line down in the middle of the hood and sides. Add a few parts to the bumper.

Step 5

Sport car Figure step 5

Updating parts of the sports car. Now we need to draw the wheels of our sports car. Draw them as shown here. Use your eraser to remove a square retail made in the early stages to change it in the form of the arch. Make the edges of the rectangular roof more round. Add glass. Draw a mirror.

Step 6

Sport car drawing step 6

Sport car Figure. The final stage. Now give a sport car a little color! Let both # 39 draw the car discs. You can develop your own rim, for example, in the form of a star. Branches lines from the center of each wheel and color in space between them. Place the shadow on the glass and the space near the bumper and on the side of the car. Add icon on hood. Add solid headlights, two each. Sport car is drawn! If you like, you can now work on the road and landscape.

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