How to draw dragonfly – step by step

How to draw dragonfly – step by step

You think you will not be able to draw such a beautiful dragonfly or draw a butterfly, like in my photo? Let be & # 39! Just make a sharp pencil because the lines should be thin. If you draw dragonfly with me, step by step, you will get a great drawing. At the end of the lesson, you can draw your photo and draw the background, so your dragonfly will be very realistic as in the photos.

Step 1

How to draw dragonfly, step 1

First you must draw the main outline. It will be oval in body shape. Draw a circle in front of him. It will be the head of your dragonfly. Then draw a long string for dragons and # 39; tail.

Step 2

How to draw dragonfly, step 2

First draw a straight line that passes through the middle of the jewels and # 39;. But pay attention to the fact that the lines of inclination. It begins in the upper right corner of the paper and ends in the lower left corner. I think you can draw a second string for wings without my comments. Then make pre-label at the end of the tail.

Step 3

How to draw dragonfly, step 3

If you do everything right, you will be easy to continue to draw your dragonfly. Start with simple things. Connect your head with the body, draw the tail circuit, and then start drawing wings.

Step 4

How to draw dragonfly, step 4

All you need at this stage is to draw your body and wings of your dragonfly. It makes no sense in commenting, just renew the lines of the wings and erase all the guidelines. Now you see that it is easy to draw a dragonfly in a pencil if you make it step by step.

Step 5

How to draw dragonfly, step 5

Yes, this is the last step of our lesson, because our dragonfly is almost ready. If you draw your drawing with color pencils, the 6th step won & # 39;. Now you have to draw 4 limbs and eyes on the head. Dragonflies have excellent eyesight. They can see everything around them due to the specific structure of their eyes.

Step 6

How to draw dragonfly, step 6

At the last stage of our lesson, you must shake your dragonfly drawing using a soft pencil. Wings are transparent. Just draw them several veins. The tail should be dark, and the body is fair. Draw the eyes of dragonfly and shake them. But your drawing will be more beautiful if you draw it with colored pencils and draw a bluish background. You can also draw flowers around your dragonfly and t. D.

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