How to draw a tiger – step by step

How to draw a tiger – step by step

How to draw tiger, step by step

This textbook will teach you how to draw a tiger in a pencil, step by step. There are several types of tiger, but we will choose Siberian Tiger.

Step 1

The first thing we need to do is to make the perfect circle for your head and add an oval for the neck tiger. Then attach a long oval tiger body to a wider circle. Now add two short rows for animals and draw legs.

Step 2

How to draw tiger, step 2

Draw two small triangles for ears in the corners of the head. Now we are moving further down and sort a small hatch for tiger cheek & # 39;. Draw a chin at the bottom of the muzzle. Add some details in the nose.

Step 3

How to draw tiger, step 3

Focus on the face of the tiger. Easy way to draw a tiger or draw jaguar with an open mouth – draw a big «U», as well as «W», where the mouth should be. After the top of the drawing is performed, go to the second stage. Move down, sketch the front legs tiger.

Step 4

How to draw tiger, step 4

Draw tiger & # 39; Eyes in detail and finish Draw Front Paws. Then start drawing to draw the sketch of the rear legs.

Step 5

How to draw tiger, step 5

Finish sketch back legs. Add a few required tiger parts specific. Sketch of animals & # 39 ankles and add claws to your feet. Draw the tail, and then erase all unnecessary lines that remain from previously.

You will learn how to draw a tiger’s head just.

Step 6

How to draw tiger, step 6

At this stage, concentrate at several important points in our drawing Tiger. Add a mustache and extract your eyes. Finish drawing hips and fur. Tigers are mostly large and dangerous cats, so make sure your proportions correspond to this. Draw stripes all over the body of your tiger, as in the picture.

Step 7

How to draw tiger, step 7

Tiger drawing with Wacom tablet. Our tigner drawing is completed! Although it may seem a challenging task first, after a step-by-step method makes it easier for it. I drew a tiger using the Wacom tablet. You can use Color Pencils or Pencils.

You can watch this lesson on YouTube.

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