How to draw tukan – step by step

How to draw tukan – step by step

How to draw toucan, step by step

In this handle, you will learn how to draw Toucan just a few steps. Step-by-step equipment facilitates Toucan drawing than you think. Try! Let both # 39 draw Toucan with me and you will see that drawing of this bird is easy and fun.

Step 1

How to draw Toucan, step 1

Step 2

How to draw toucan, step 2

Step 3

How to draw Toucan, step 3

Step 4

How to draw toucan, step 4

Step 5

How to draw Toucan, step 5

Step 6

How to draw Toucan, step 6

Step 7

How to draw toucan, step 7

Toucan is now completed!

Merry Toucan Facts for Children
These birds are not only interesting to observe. Learn a few amazing facts about Tukanans.
Toucan is not a big bird. Full-sized medium-sized toucoon weighs about 130 grams, reaching a maximum height of 30 cm. It’s about 20 from the tip of Toucan & # 39; beak to his tail.
The largest of all Tukanov is a Toko Tukic with a body weight about 700 grams and a length of about 75 cm.
Toucan & # 39; Beak weighs less than you think simply because it consists of air chambers and keratin.
These birds use their big beaks for thermoregulation, nutrition and as protection against predators.
Diet Toucan & # 39; both based on plants and animals, but the fruits are their main source of food. They can also consume lizards, insects, chicks and t. D. Toko Tukanians sometimes eat eggs of other birds. Here & # 39 – a good plan for applying Tukan.
Toucan is not very good in flight. They can not fly very hot due to short wings. They spend a lot of time sitting on the branches of trees.
They sleep in the holes of the trees that were created by other birds.
Toucan socket & # 39; Usually no more than four eggs. Chicks are born with small beaks and feathers. For their beak requires several months to achieve normal size.
Toucan inhabit the jungle of South America and Central America and live about 20 years.

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