How to Draw a Vase

How to Draw a Vase

Drawing Vase, Step by Step

MOST Vaz Are Simple Design, But Their Forms Are Usually Very Symmetrical. Be Sure To Use Greater Accuracy And Use Your Geometric Skills When Applying A Vase. Add An Attractive Pattern On The Surface Of Your Vase. You Can Come Up With Your Own Design for a Vase, But Only After This Lesson. In This Lesson, We Learn How to Draw a Vase in # 2 Pencil Step by Step.


Drawing Vase, Step 1

Draw An Outline Of Vase. To Begin With, Draw The Main Lines That Will Serve AS The Basis for the Entire Vase. Like A Reference Point, Draw A Line Through A Diaphragm and a Vase Bearing. Lines On The Middle Longer Than and In The Foundation Line At The Bottom of the Vase.


Drawing Vase, Step 2

Contour Vase. Draw These Lines With The Ruler. These Lines Will Help You Draw The Symmetrical Form of Your Vase and Correctly to Draw the Remaining Details.

Step 3

Drawing Vase, Step 3

Work More On The Plan Of Vase. Using the Initial Preliminary Sketches, Give Your More Definite Vase. Also Add a Hole At The Top Of The NECK OF THE VASE.

Step 4

Drawing Vase, Step 4

Pattern on a vase. SELECT ANY TEMPLATE YOU LIKE. Pattern Here Roses Surrounded by Leaves.


Drawing Vase, Step 5

Connect The Edges of the Template. Please Note That The Template Must Be a Bit Rough and Not Very Distracting. Focus Should Be On A Vase, and Not in the Picture.


Drawing Vase, Step 6

Coloring Your Vase. Add The Color to the Drawing and Start Shaping in a Vase. Add a Shadow in Places That Are Not Subject to Light and Inside The Cervical Vase. You Can Put A Pink Flower, a Tulip Flower or Other Flowers in a Vase.

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