How to draw camels

How to draw camels

How to draw camels, step by step

Drawing Camel Dongn & # 39; t is not difficult if you ever tried to draw a horse or giraffe because the proportions are very similar. Of course, the camel has a separate trace – two humps on the back, which makes this animal very recognizable. We will draw a camel so that its other unique functions will be determined by making it more realistic. Let be & # 39, try to draw this wonderful step-by-step animal in # 2 pencil.

Step 1

How to draw camels, step 1

First draw a horizontally located oval head. From it to extend the lines for your camel and the bottom of the body and the bottom of the body. Small circles can help you with the right placement of his legs. It becomes much easier to draw other details after completing this initial queue.

Step 2

How to draw camels, step 2

Work above the contours of the top of the body, including two humps. In the end, you must have a rough camel project & # 39;. It is very important to transfer the right proportions, so check your drawing twice before going to the next step.

Step 3

How to draw camels, step 3

At the moment you need to add a slope to your camel & # 39; Head and finish work on the legs. Pay attention to his hooves – they are wide and flat. His legs are direct compared to the horse, which makes it easy to draw. Caution to look too short, or a camel may look like a pony.

Step 4

How to draw camels, step 4

The most difficult part ended! You are almost finished using your drawing. All you need to do is pass the preliminary lines, tightly by pressing the pencil and add more expressive parts to the camel and # 39;.

Step 5

How to draw a camel, step 5

Carefully erase all extra pencil lines and look – your camel almost comes from the page! Ready drawing head: ears, nostrils and mouth. Hopes covered with herbal fur. Also draw large spots on the legs to the stomach. Camel rests on these corns. You can enable to paint your drawing immediately after adding a long tail to your camel & # 39;.

Step 6

How to draw camels, step 6

Camel & # 39 fur almost color sand. That’s why you can use color pencils if you decide not to sharpen in your drawing with a pencil # 2. Definitely depict the dessert background to the camel seem even more believable. Adding a few more camels at a distance next to the dunes will bring your drawing camel to life.

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