How to draw Winnie the Pooh – step by step

How to draw Winnie the Pooh – step by step

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step by step

You feel a little blue? Then take a pencil and sheet of paper and draw a funny bear by name Winnie Pooh with me. It must suit you for sure how you can not help, but smile on this charming cartoon character. Your drawing Winnie the Pooh will necessarily come out well, if you draw steps.

You love toys? Then try to draw a teddy bear – a favorite toy of all children. How to draw Winnie Pooh adapted for children and uses a step in the drawing method.

Step 1

Drawing Winnie Pooh, Step 1

To make it easier for yourself, you can draw big Winnie the Pooh so that he takes almost the whole sheet of paper. Start by drawing the largest circle for the body in the center of your sheet of paper, and then add a bit of a circle above it with a little displacement to the right. What remains to draw two ovala for the bear and # 39;. Please note that they are slightly shifted on the left. Double check the proportions before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 2

Using the method of initial contours in the form of circles of different sizes allows you to accurately use the legs of Winnie Pooh & # 39; Forcing them the correct width and set in the right position. Contact my drawings at this step and soon you can know exactly what I say.

Step 3

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 3

Try replicating these simple lines shown in my figure on your own drawing, and then erase all extra lines. How do you work on the paws, keep in mind that Winnie Posos sits. From now on, you can click a little more tightly on a pencil when you work on the stomach and head.

Step 4

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 4

Draw ears Pooh & # 39; S ears and erase excess face contours. Now you just need to add nose and draw a shirt collar around the bear and # 39; neck.

Step 5

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 4

Figure Pooh & # 39; S FICE is not difficult, but requires some practice. Note and do not press too much on the pencil at this step. After smiled at the beloved Bear and # 39; S FICE, you can go to the last step pattern.

Step 6

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 4

If you prefer to stick # 2 pencil, then shading on your drawing with soft blows of the pencil will give him a 3D effect. However, Winnie the Pooh will be more fun if you paint it with colored pencils or pencils.
Now you know how to draw Winnie the Pooh.

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