How to draw sparrows – step by step

How to draw sparrows – step by step

Sparrow drawing, step by step

It seems to be easy to draw a sparrow, because we often see this bird outside or in the forest in any season. Nevertheless, it is a rather complicated bird, especially small like a sparrow. Nevertheless, if you try to draw a sparrow in a pencil, step by step, your sparrow pattern should look very nice. The main thing is to get the right source contours of your drawing.

How to draw a sparrow is very easy, try to draw a sparrow with me!

Step 1

Sparrow drawing, step 1

First of all, let’s sketches & # 39 chest in the form of an inclined oval, and then draw the head circle and tail triangle.

Step 2

Sparrow drawing, step 2

Now let’s start drawing a common outline Sparrow & # 39;. Focus on the basics at this moment. Gradually draw the tail as a hyphen, describe the legs and add a circle for the head so that it seems.

Step 3

Sparrow drawing, step 3

Continue to determine the shape of the barrel and tail, applying durable pencil strokes. After that, draw the dividing line for the wing and then work on the contours of the legs. As you can see, you can draw a realistic looking sparrow if you stick to step-by-step technology, but the truth is that your sparrow pattern will look even better when you elude extra lines from her.

Step 4

Sparrow drawing, step 4

Let both # 39 spend some time on the bird and # 39;. Try not to get confused in all initial pencil lines. If you start, it can help turn to my drawings to recreate this part of the bird and No. 39;. Start drawing Sparrow & # 39; Head in detail, including eyes, and then draw the beak and marking lines for future patterns on your bird & # 39;.

Step 5

Sparrow drawing, step 5

In a sense, our step-by-step lesson for applying Sparrow was completed at the previous stage. Now you only need to paint in a bird & # 39;. It’s hard to recommend the exact sparrow pattern & # 39; S prumage, so just try copying my drawing.

Step 6

Sparrow drawing, step 6

This step will help give your drawing of a realistic perspective. Do not forget to add a tiny patch of light in the pupil Sparrow and # 39;. Now your sparrow looks at you! You can draw a sparrow with watercolor or pencils, but let’s stick to the # 2 pencil now to shake in a plumage. What would matter, 5 and 6th steps of this lesson are not required for you.

You can watch this lesson on YouTube.

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