How to draw a crow – step by step

How to draw a crow – step by step

How to draw a crow, step by step

Crows, pigeons and sparrows usually come out next to a man, especially in major cities. These birds are easily adapted to the high-rise medium of the city with numerous high rises, crowded streets and a large movement. There are different variations of raven, such as a sweatshirt, a black crow, Jack, and they differ slightly from pigeons and sparrows. It is important to note that the crow is not the same bird as a crow, which is more in size and has a much more powerful beak. In this lesson, I would like us to draw a black crow, which is more or less common.

Step 1

How to draw a crows, step 1

It is preferable that you will allow your crown all sheet of paper. We visually divide the Figure of the Flavor into three parts. First, draw the main oval for the body, and to the left of it, add a small circle for the head, and then the third round for the tail.

Step 2

How to draw ravene, step 2

As soon as you draw the beak, it becomes easier to pounce the crows and # 39;. Try not to rush the way you gradually draw the crow, setting out the chest, neck and wings. In addition, you need to draw a bird and # 39;.

Step 3

How to draw ravene, step 3

Regarding drawing crows & # 39 feet, go back to the original circuts that you drew before and draw left leg with three fingers and right with two. If your crow will sit on the tree branch, you can immediately discard it immediately. Now refer to this figure to help you draw ravene, & # 39;. Draw the wing and go to the next step.

Step 4

How to draw a crows, step 4

Erase the extra pencil lines from the whole picture and draw a bird & # 39;. Now you only need to define the shape of his wing, and then proceed to more detailed work, such as an outline of a plumage.

Step 5

How to draw ravene, step 5

But before you start drawing bird & # 39; s focusing on small crow elements & # 39;. You need to draw the beak, add a little glare to the eye and draw a little extra line under the line of the eye. Add claws to crows and # 39;. You only need to create an appearance of feathers now. You can learn how to do it, looking at my photo.

Step 6

How to draw a crows, step 6

As we decided to draw a black crow, the creation of shadows will smoothly go if you use soft # 2 pencil. Bright objects are much easier to push to use # 2 pencil than black, so try creating contrast sections. Otherwise, your Crow drawing will lose volume. Be sure to draw a crows sitting on a tree branch that grows near the house.

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