How to draw a hare – step by step

How to draw a hare – step by step

How to draw a hare step by step

At first glance, drawing a hare may possibly seem a calm thing. Nevertheless, you can find out otherwise. In order to draw realistic hare or bunny, you need to learn how to draw a step-by-step deposit, as discussed in the next lesson.

Drawing a hare has stages.

Step 1

First, you need to draw vertical and horizontal lines that will help you complete the first step to draw a hare. Then draw two circles that are next to each other, but do not intersect, as well as one small circle just above them.

Step 2

How to draw hare, step 2

Now add a few simple contours of the hare’s feet and sketch the shape of a hare & # 39 feet in the next step of your drawing.


3 hours

How to draw hare, step 3

Add the contours of the hare & # 39 Rada and two long ears. Work on the front and rear legs. This lesson shows how to draw a hare is a very simple way.

Step 4

How to draw hare, step 4

Now you need to carefully sket the hare and body and finish draw your ears and add a small pompon for the tail. You can almost see how your drawing will come to life!

Step 5

How to draw hare, step 5

To finish the drawing, you need to erase old lines. At this last step, work on the details, such as the manufacture of the nose in the form of the letter Y, will sketch the mouth, chin and cheeks. You are almost finished using your drawing!

Step 6

How to draw a hare, step 6

Now you need only add long mustache in hares and cheeks and eyebrows. It is not stupid at all that rabbits or hares have eyebrows that are formed as a mustache. If you want to make your drawing more realistic, make sure that place your eye on the side of the animal and # 39;. This eye looks at you very much. Give him a semicircle shape and draw a student. You can also work on the shading in your drawing with a pencil.

Step 7

How to draw a hare, step 7

The drawing of the hare is now completed!

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