How to draw a castle – step by step

How to draw a castle – step by step
Drawing of the castle

Sometimes after you read the book about the ancient legends or fairy tales of knights and princesses, you want to draw a real castle, complete with stone towers, standing proudly, showing your richly peaks and spiers with flags floating in the wind. Here is a good lesson in the drawing of the castle, using pencil number 2, step by step. You will learn how to draw the proportion of buildings, how to draw a house, create a perspective for the surrounding castle of the landscape, learn how to use the fall of shadows and lines attached to the volume of walls and the castle towers.

Step 1

Castle drawing, step 1

Draw four main castle towers. Before drawing a castle, divide your sheet of paper into four parts. It will be a landmark for future four towers. Then draw the towers when you imagine them and make sure they are proportional to each other, ID EST. Almost equally in height and width. Add triangular roofs at the moment. The base of the tower will draw a horizontal line over the ground.

Step 2

Castle drawing, step 2

Draw the top of the castle. Drawing upper lock towers, do not hesitate to use a ruler if you are difficult to assess their proportions. Take time to step by step, given the proportions of the building.

Step 3

Drawing the castle, step 3

Spiky Towers Castle. Next, draw the roofs of the tower and add square holes. Concentrate draws in the direction of the main entrance to the castle in the center of the wall of one of the towers. The bridge leading to the main entrance to the castle is made of heavy metal lattice.

Step 4

Drawing the castle, step 4

Bridge in the castle. Draw a path connected to a wooden bridge. The bridge must be solid and well visible in the picture. Then go back to the roofs of the towers and add windows on the walls of windows for loopholes. One of them is used to attack enemies, throwing spears and arrows on them. In the background at the entrance to the lock ends with a picture of a powerful wooden bridge, which must be located next to the grid lock on the chains.

Step 5

Castle drawing, step 5

Castle tile and wall. All locks have a tiled roof and stone stands. You may want to spend time developing thin contours of tiles and bricks for this pattern. Using your feeder, spend the shade from the pencil # 2 to the color in the walls. Give windows a darker shade. Draw all flags floating in one direction – right or left – with two acute ends. Add more shadows to the grid, filling in black squares.
Now you can work on the landscape around the castle: Mountains, River, Trees, Flowers, Roads and Clouds. You can use color pencils or watercolor after implementing these simple methods on the castle drawing.

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