How to draw a fire-bird – draw step by step

How to draw a fire-bird – draw step by step
Drawing a fire bird, step by step

Fire Bird – Frequent character in Russian fairy tales. This is a flying bird with wide wings and fiery greens on the tail. Firebird is in nature and resembles a paradise bird bird. It is relatively easy to draw this creature. After applying ordinary bird, everything we need to do is add a fire tail! In this lesson, we learn how to draw a fire bird in a pencil. # 2.

Step 1

Drawing a firefig poultry, step 1

Draw a body shape Fire Bird. Start, draw the shape of the Fire Bird. It is only the initial contours; No need to draw parts at this stage. Draw oval for body and triangles for wings. The tail will be a free form. Draw two birds for birds. Do not forget to add claws and pegs later.

Step 2

Drawing a firefig poultry, step 2

Start giving up their fire wings. Just think about the birds in the wings instead of hands. They consist only of bones and muscles. Looking closer to the wing of any bird, you will notice the pattern, reminiscent of the hands or branches of the tree. Draw curved lines for feathers.

Step 3

Drawing a firefig poultry, step 3

Fire bird feathers. Now we start painting our bird feathers. Draw a wavy line for the lower border of the wings. Draw long leaf feathers, starting from the top of the line.

Step 4

Drawing a firefig poultry, step 4

Draw tail. Try to make the tail rows with the same slope, but below and closer to the case. Draw a tail, divide it into three sections: right, left and bottom. Fill out each section with orchid pattern.

Step 5

Drawing a firefig poultry, step 5

Fire bird drawn pencil. The final stage. We must add special effects to highlight its magic quality! Can you think about anyone except a fiery tail? Now draw ovals with dark centers, as shown below. Extend long pencil strikes from each oval. Then darke some parts of the wings of your fire bird. You can emulate shadows on the body of the bird with my drawing.

Step 6

Drawing a firefig poultry, step 6

Where are you!

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