How to draw a kite royal cobra – step by step

How to draw a kite royal cobra – step by step
How to draw a snake king Cobra, step by step

The subject of this lesson – how to draw a snake cobra. Royal Cobra – the longest poisonous snake in the world and has a length of up to 5 m. This type of snake is considered a dangerous snake. Many people panic at the sight of royal cobra, although it usually avoids confrontation with people, if possible. It is relatively easy to draw a kite of the royal cobra, because not so many complex parts. However, in order to charm an audience with your drawing, you can give a snake threatening view, with an open mouth and fangs stuck.

Step 1

How to draw a snake king Cobra, step 1

Draw a few parallel lines to the body King Cobra. This type of snake sets its prey, significantly lifting the first part of his body. Add two curved vertical lines.

Step 2

How to draw a snake King Cobra, step 2

Next, let’s draw contour lines for the top of the body and for a narrow tail. After step by step method, first draw your cobra body shape.

Step 3

How to draw King Cobra Snake, step 3

Start drawing the head of the Royal Cobra with an open mouth, and the fangs stick out. First draw my head. In order to properly transfer the open mouth of the snake, you need to draw two parallel triangles, on each side of the mouth.

Step 4

How to draw a snake king Cobra, step 4

Finish snake head pattern. There are several touch to the top of the body and the head of the snake. Draw your eyes and two vertical lines on the top of the snake body.

Step 5

How to draw a snake king Cobra, step 5

At the moment, add shadows in the locations of your drawing. You can refuse this step if you are planning coloring in drawing with colored pencils or markers. Here, add finishing touches to the snake head and mouth for the full effect. Draw four fangs sticking out mouth. Remember the forked language, I think the snake sticks out him right before the attack. You can’t paint it here if you think differently.

Step 6

How to draw King Cobra Snake, step 6

If you want to make your drawing snake cobra more realistic, draw the skin of this snake or olive green, tanning or black. Belly cream or pale yellow, and smooths smooth. Such an effect will make your drawing more fun. Snake skin often has a pattern that resembles the scale of fish. If you look carefully, it looks like pieces of mosaic, varied in size and color. Drawing Snake Royal Cobra now completed!

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