How to draw a star pencil

How to draw a star steppot a pencil just and beautiful

How to draw a star

Try to draw a star without reading this lesson, and it will be more difficult for you to draw the right form. Before drawing a five-pointed star, you must initially draw a circle that will wrap the star, and then divide it on equal parts. To do this, remember the geometry rules. After drawing, paint it with pencils or paints. In this lesson, we will learn to draw a five-pointed star with pencil №2. Step 1
Step 1 How to draw a star

To begin with, we need to draw a circle, drag the glass or tea cup, putting the edges on paper. Click a little on the pencil, so that it was easier to erase the stripes. Make your own range of the same size you wish, so that your star was. Step 2
Step 2 How to draw a star

Divide the circle on 5 equal parts. We broke our range of 5 equal parts. To do this, we use the geometry rule. At first, determine the acorder of the circle. After multiplication of diameter 6.28. The number you get will be between the tops and a five-pointed star. These points must be equidist to each other. Now connect the points as shown in the picture. Step 3
Step 3 How to draw a star

To give the three-dimensional effect of our figure, it is necessary to make it with the top edge of one of the parts that will be highlighted with grayish color. Drawing the face to pain is simple: connect the highest point of sharp corners with the bottom stupid edge, and you get the star shape. Step 4
Step 4 How to draw a star

If it is true, the placement of the upper points of the star should be equal in size and distance between the tops. The most common method is to make sure that — Rotate a sheet of paper on which you drew a star, and look at how it looks on each side. As needed, you can correct the sketch before the final addition of strokes with a pencil. Step 5
Step 5 How to draw a star

Draw shadows on the stars. Starfish has sharp accurate edges. When painting, make sure that your hand moves straight movements in the same direction. Step 6
Step 6 How to draw a star

After you graduated from the form of your own star, you can draw it using at least some color.

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