How to draw anime’s eyes – step by step

How to draw anime’s eyes – step by step

How to draw anime eyes step by step

Eyes Anime Character are the basis of the drawing in this style. All female characters Anime have distinctive eyes – black, blue or green, but oversized and expressive. In order to correctly draw anime through the eyes, you must gradually gradually try, because the eyes are usually the most important feature of any person, and # 39;.

Step 1

How to draw mandes eyes, step 1

Chart of eye accommodation. Using a ruler, draw two parallel lines and two perpendicular lines, as shown in the picture. They will serve as an anime eye borders.

Step 2

How to draw manga eyes, step 2

Anime Eyes wide open. Since the eyes of anime style are wide open, draw two oval with compressible on top and bottom and slightly tilted, as shown here. If you start, it is not easy to draw these eyes without source sketches, how do you risk images inaccurate sizes. However, work is simple when you follow the step-by-step method when drawing the girl animals & # 39;.

Step 3

How to draw mandes eyes, step 3

Erase additional pencil lines from its drawing. Now is the time to delete additional lines from your drawing and add eyelashes in the eyes. Rate your drawing for the correct proportions, as it can be difficult to make changes later.

Step 4

How to draw mandes eyes, step 4

Anime eye sparkle. It can be the most difficult stage of the drawing, even if he entails work on pupils. Pupils have different shades within them that you must mark in advance. Do not darken the whole student because he needs to have glossy to make her eyes sparkle.

Step 5

How to draw manga eyes, step 5

Last Step Fraction. Now you see how easy you can draw anime. All that remains to do is draw contours of the face, add nose and mouth, as well as hair and eyebrows. You can leave your eyes black or paint them with blue or green markers.

Step 6

How to draw the eyes of manga, step 6

Manga eyes drawing now completed!

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